About FluxxFrames

FluxxFrames are the ultimate magnifier and amplifier of FluxxUashioN paintings – and the utmost in F U N! – taking bold, bright, and neon-luminous art and transforming it into your personal art experience.

Artist, Denel Andreas, customizes her paintings utilizing countless layers of texture and color – some readily seen to the naked eye – some waiting to be uncovered through a perfect marriage with LED lights and effects.

Very similar to looking into the clouds and uncovering the unknown, FluxxFrames have the same profound impact on FluxxUashioN canvases. Shine brightly or dimly, or spin, strobe, flash, and fade – the choice is yours. Where your imagination takes you is NOT your choice anymore!

Every FluxxUashioN canvas interacts uniquely with each FluxxFrame color and effect! What’s hiding on the canvas? Better yet, what’s hiding within your imagination?

Live in color! Imagine your art!


About Doctor Denel-KK

I am frequently discovering new ways to perceive reality, and often surprise myself each time I look. The science of creativity is my next step on the path of first do no harm, and abstract images become the medium of surprise, each time I join the team to answer with love.

Living life on the Big Island inspires me to create community and Hilo rain reminds me from where I came…

Life in the forest of Bainbridge Island (Pacific Northwest) is grounding. The trees remind me of my roots, an earthling united on this beautiful Gaia.

Hexagon shapes and other natural patterns show up everywhere in my life. I document them in my macro lens, occasionally Instagramming green orbs and fauna fairies on the fish eye “net”.

Hidden messages in the crystal water color paint are similar to an imprinted homeopathic remedy. Geometries (in the crystals) become diluted with water, increasing the potential potency of “like cures like”. Like a catalyst, with healing permission, I see
“Art as a Tool for Transformation”